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Vitamin B12

An overgrowth of Candida and vitamin b12 deficiency is connected. Often when a person is suffering from Candida it prevents their bodies from producing and absorbing essential nutrients that the body needs in order to remain fit and healthy.

Although you may find that it is a problem in relation to most of the vitamins our body’s need, one of the more serious aspects is the depletion of the B group Vitamins.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) is one of the most essential vitamins our body needs as it is required to help keeping the body’s nerve cells working properly.

Often a person who is deficient in Vitamin B12 will have a much lower red blood cell count than normal, and this impacts on the immune system, allowing the body to become more susceptible to suffering different types of infections including Candida overgrowth.

On average an adult will have between 2 and 5mg of Vitamin B12 in their body, the majority of which is stored in the liver (around 80% of all Vitamin B12 in the body is found in a person’s liver).

There seems to be some evidence that one of the reasons as to why a person will be deficient in Vitamin B12 is through their excessive long-term use of antibiotics or other prescribed or non-prescribed drugs.

Also, there has been found a link between the long-term use of antibiotics and an increased risk in getting a candida albicans overgrowth. This is due to the antibiotics killing both the good and the bad bacteria in the GI tract, and so the good bacterium, which is usually a line of defence against a candida overgrowth, can not suppress the growth.

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Unfortunately, someone who has used antibiotics for an extended period might be more difficult to diagnose with a vitamin b12 deficiency, as the antibiotics can mask the symptoms, which can range from uncomfortable to life threatening.

Here is a list of some of the symptoms that you may have if you are deficient in vitamin b12:

- A reduced ability to detect vibrations and an altered sense of touch

- A red, and possibly a shiny tongue, sometimes accompanied with a burning sensation or irritation in the mouth.

- Psychological problems, that can range from a headache to serious psychological issues

- A shortness of breath and chest pains, as well as potentially impaired co-ordination and muscle pain.

Unfortunately, the onset of candida can impair the ability to absorb vitamins, and so this can lead to reduced ability to absorb vitamin b12, which in turn reduces the body’s ability to fight infection, which in turn then goes on to allow the yeast infection grow further. It all becomes a rather vicious circle.

So, it is important to recognise the link between candida and vitamin b12, and make sure that if any symptoms are shown of either candida albicans or vitamin b12 deficiency spotted, then seek medical advice immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Vitamin B12?
    I would like to know how do you obtain Vitamin B12 and how vegans can obtain this vitamin? I would also like to know what the statistics for deficiency are in vegans? Do most vegans become anemic from loss of B12?

    Best answer to the one who explains this to me in the best detail and shows their sources.

    • ANSWER:
      How vegans obtain vitamin B12:

      -Drinking fortified soy milk- Probably the easiest way to top up your b12 levels. Most popular brands of soy milk, such as Alpro Soya, have vitamin B12 added. I like Aplro Soya products- the website is below:


      -Another way of obtaining vitamin B12 is eating fortified breakfast cereals.

      -Incorporate nutritional yeast into your diet (you can sprinkle it on soups, porridge, etc)

      -It is recommended that vegans supplement this vitamin, as plant based sources (such as seaweed/ unwashed vegetables) are not reliable sources, supplements help protect against any dietary deficiencies. Vitamin B12 is found naturally in animal foods, particularly cow’s milk.
      B12 is mportant for cognitive function & nerve health. The first signs of deficiency is lack of energy. It is a vitamin that is stored in the liver in large amounts. If you go a day without an intake of B12 from the diet, your liver will take what it needs out of storage. It is the *only* B vitamin that is stored in the body, the rest of the B vitamins are water soluble.

      ”Vegans are recommended to ensure their diet includes foods fortified with vitamin B12. A range of B12 fortified foods are available. These include yeast extracts, Vecon vegetable stock, veggieburger mixes, textured vegetable protein, soya milks, vegetable and sunflower margarines, and breakfast cereals”.
      -A quote from The Vegetarian Society- it has some info on vegan nutrition.

      I suggest that you top up your B12 levels each day by eating some of the foods named above. A lack of B12 can cause a form of anemia (spelt anaemia in the UK!). Pernicious anemia is a form of megaloblastic anemia. Symptoms of B12 deficiency include weight loss, loss of appetite, pallor & fatigue, although there are a number of symptoms. There are many anemias, but iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the western world.

    vitamin B12?
    Where do you get vitamin B12 from is it in food form or tablets

    • ANSWER:
      Vitamin B is a complex vitamin and is available in many foods, but is also available in medical formulations

    Vitamin B12…?
    As a vegan, I was wondering if I only consumed fish as my vitamin B12 source, once a week, would I still meet the requirements of B12 intake? I know that the B vitamins are water soluble therefore needed to be taken everyday, but I do not wish to consume meat and ordairy products on a daily basis.

    • ANSWER:
      if u did consume the fish u wouldnt b a vegan, lol
      take some b12 supplement vitamins instead
      though alot of vegerterian products have b12 in them, like vege hotdogs ect xxxxxxx

    vitamin b12?
    how important is it? im a vegan and i used to take a supplement. but then i relized if b12 is only found in meat then they probley produced the supplement from the meat, haha

    can anybody give me some advice on b12?
    how can i find vegan sources of vitamin b12?
    i understand what happens with b12 deficiancy or w.e… but can vegans offer some advice on where they get there source?

    • ANSWER:
      B12 might be found not only in animal food, which is wildly mistakenly believed. B12 found in a lot of algae as spirulina, Chlorella.
      As for drinks plenty of B12 contains in Kombucha, wonder drink that tasted awesome and one can do himself at home.

      PS: Wikipedia definitely has a mistakes if you looks for B12, they say this vitamin can be found only in animals but at the same time if you look up Chlorella, Spirulina or Kombucha it DOES confirm they all have B12 and its not from animals

    vitamin b12?
    I am extremely tired all the time, I have PCOS and I am sure I am anemic!
    I am wondering if taking a b12 supplement would help?

    I read it helps with exhaustion
    any tips?

    • ANSWER:
      I would defiantly talk to your doc. he/she might put you on iron pills if, your anemic. B12 supplements work very well, you can get a B12 shot which is absorbed quicker…I would eat a diet rich in legumes, vegetables & meat, which are rich in iron…
      The are two different type of iron in food: haem iron, found in red meat seafood and poultry, and non-haem iron found in breads, fruits, breakfast cereals, vegetable, legumes (e.g. baked beans), nuts and eggs.

      Haem iron foods are rich in iron and contain iron in the form that is easily absorbed by the body. Red meat also has a special effect on iron absorption. The meat when eaten together with the vegetables, can boost the absorption of non-haem iron by up to four times. Vitamin C also has a similar positive effect on the absorption of iron.
      In other words, the key to an iron rich diet is to eat a combination of iron rich foods high in both haem and non-haem iron.

    What is the difference between Vitamin B12 and B Complex?
    What is the difference between Vitamin B12 & B complex? Do I need both?? I’m looking at the bottle of my B Complex and it doesn’t list B12 but it lists B6. Should I take both a vitamin b12 and b complex every day? I’m a vegetarian woman and heard that Vitamin b12 is good to prevent anemia. I also take iron supplements.

    • ANSWER:
      yes you can take both but watch the b12 intake and take as directed..b12 if you take to much becomes a poison in the body due to the body cant release it in urine like most vitamin supplements

    How much Vitamin B12 should one take daily,I am a vegetarian and I don’t drink milk or have dairy products?
    I have recently started taking Vitamin B12 supplements in from of pills.each pill contain 15 mcg of vitamin b12 and other b vitamins and also vitamin c and zinc.

    is it ok to take vitamin b12 in from of pills ,since my diet is devoid of any meat or dairy products.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to be very careful about your diet! I would suggest that you seek some professional help. After all, this is your health that we are talking about and what price can you put on that? At least, have a very good look on Amazon for some high quality books which come with good recommendations so that you can learn about the subject. Also have a look at the government to websites which have quality information on them rather than searching the web aimlessly. I did notice that there is a website where you can get some information about vitamins. It’s at http://vitamin-nutritional-supplement.blogspot.com/

      Good luck with it!

    How can I get enough vitamin b12 without supplements?
    I have decided to start following a vegan diet, and I’m wondering if anyone has tips on how I can get enough vitamin b12 through foods. I’m a poor college student, so supplements are a little pricey for me. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      First check with your physician. From what I’ve been told, you should have b12 within your system already. Vitamin b12 lasts for years in a human body (up to 30 years), and is recycled so unless you are deficient, there is no need to take supplements. The only people who are at risk for vitamin b12 deficiency in most Western societies are vegans from birth, women who have given birth (they passed some of their b12 to their fetuses/infants) and seniors (those who have depleted their own “stocks” over the years).

      Fortified cereals are relatively cheap and should be within your budget.

      for peace of mind though check these websites:



    How long does it take for B12 vitamin to work?
    I just got the vitamin B12 supplement because I heard it helps with migraines (which I desperately need help with!) But how long should it take to work? I tend to get migraines rather often.

    • ANSWER:
      I haven’t heard about B12 helping with migraines, but I have a feeling the supplement in pill form may not help you very much. Not everyone is able to absorb B12 well when taken orally. Some, like my husband, seem to, though. If you believe it might work you might want to talk to your dr. about B12 in injection form. It’s easy to give yourself.

      Something you might want to consider for migraines (that seemed to help me) is high doses of Vit. C. If your migraines are caffeine triggered (or caffeine withdrawl triggered) it’s a difficult balancing act to work up to a high enough dose of Vit. C while working your way down the caffeine ladder.

      I want to specify that I am NOT a doctor, and that any of this stuff needs to be checked out with your doctor before you do it. I am just speaking from my personal experience.

    How long do I have to take vitamin b12 supplements to start feeling good?
    I just found out that I have a vitamin b12 deficiency and I just started taking the vitamins once a day. How soon will I start to feel better? Thanks to all answers!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      OK- if you are taking cyanocobalamin, don’t expect much. Cyanocobalamin is INERT. The active vitamin is Hydroxocobalamin. When you get a shot of B12, ,about 10% of the cyanocobalamin in the liquid is hydrolyzed to hydroxocobalamin, which is why the shots work. If you are not a vegan, then you cannot absorb B12 from your stomach. Taking pills you swallow is worthless. There is a sublingual Hydroxocobalamin on the market now. Studies have shown it to be 3 times more effective than the shot. If your drugstore does not have it, it is sold on Amazon. Remember – let the pill dissolve under your tongue ! It is absorbed by the oral mucosa. If you have a proven deficiency, you need to either go on the shots or the sublingual tabs. When you feel better depends on a lot of things. If you have been deficient a long time, some of the damage done may not be reversible. Otherwise, I would not expect much for at least a couple of months.

    What is the maximum amount of vitamin B12 that a person can take daily?
    I know I should see a doctor but I can’t afford it right now. I have burning feet at night and they’re usually sweaty during the day. I also don’t feel like my circulation is right. I don’t know if an irregular heart beat could be because of this. I’m very fatigued and never feel good. I heard that I might need vitamin B12 so I wanted to try that to see if there is a difference.

    • ANSWER:

      I’m sorry about this.

      Vitamin B12 is not always absorbed from the ‘stomach’ very well. There is nothing wrong with getting them to try, but if you are low on Vitamin B12 (as proved by a blood test), a doctor would certainly want to treat you by giving you Vitamin B12 Injections.

      Low Vitamin B12 is associated with damage to the nerves going to the legs, technically called ‘peripheral neuritis.’ It’s usually just one part of a disease called ‘Pernicious Anemia,’ (I’m sorry, there is no common name).

      Pernicious Anemia is quite a serous disease. It mostly affects older people, you don’t say how old you are.

      It might be low B12 like you say, but I don’t think that would be causing the irregular heart beat or the circulation problem.

      You can try B12, like I say, but I don’t quite see how you’re going to get this fixed without a few blood tests and a medical opinion.

      I hope this is of some help.

      Best wishes,

      Belliger (retired uk gp)

    How should I supplement my diet with vitamin b12?
    I am a partial vegetarian. I only eat seafood, no red meat or poultry. I do eat dairy products as well. After watching a show dealing with b12 deficiencies, I think I may have that problem. Before going to the doctor which I cannot afford I would like to try to supplement my diet with b12 to see if that helps. I do not want to overdose on b12 so how should I do this? Should I do vitamin pills or adition to my diet?

    • ANSWER:
      Ah, so you’re Pescetarian? That’s cool….as a vegetarian, I simply get enough b12 from eating plenty of Dark Green Veggies such as; Broccoli and Spinach. Check out my link below and scroll down on that page, it talks more about getting enough vitamins and minerals and what-not.

    Is it safe to drink a 5 hour energy when I take vitamin b12 supplements?
    The nutritional facts on the 5 hour energy bottle says that it has vitamin b12 in it and I take 2500mcg b12 supplements. Is it safe to take both? Is there a set overdose of mcg of vitamin b12?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think you need both. An Original 5-Hour Energy Shot has 2000% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin B6 and 8333% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin B12. While those doses are “well within safe limits. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is minimum daily amounts set by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine.” I don’t see why you’d want to add to that.

      I would say skip the B12 supplements on the days you take a 5-Hour Energy, and talk to your doctor if you have more concerns.

    How does vitamin B12 help lower my heart rate?
    Does it lower homocysteine levels in my blood? I used to have tachycardia. Now since the doctor tested my blood, it was determined that i was low in vitamin b12. So ive been taking vitamin b12 for sometime now, and I don’t experience increased heart rate anymore. I feel better.

    • ANSWER:
      Folic acid (folate) and B12 vitamin help break down homocysteine, an amino acid in your blood.

      V B 12 deficiency lead to anemia and anemia lead to tachycardia(increase of heart rate).

      So, with usage of V B12 and treatment anemia, heart rate come down, under these circumstance vitamin B12 can decreases a fast heart rate.

    How low does ones vitamin B12 need to be to reach Anemia?
    I have really low vitamin B12. My blood test result sheet says B12 should be between 165 – 829. My doctors said good levels to have are between 400 – 600, I have only 79. For some reason I never faint or rarely get dizzy, especially during exercise. My red blood cells are also perfectly fine.

    Is this abnormal? Specifying age groups with levels would be a much appreciated answer.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I can give you what I know. It may not directly answer what you asked, but hopefully it can shed some light on things you may not have mentioned. The amount of B12 a person needs varies. The average adult is said to need 2.4 micrograms of B12 every day. Age is only one factor in why you may need much more than that. You can’t overdose, so I would try to do a super booster.

      Hear are some other symptoms that can mean a lack of B12. You may not be anemic, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t suffering from the low levels in other ways. If you have any of these symptoms, but especially if you have more than one, you would benefit from taking B12. You can take subcutaneous tablets (they are placed under your tongue and absorb directly into the blood stream) or you can opt for B12 shots. Has your doctor suggested the shots? It would seem that you are a huge candidate for them with such low levels.

      Possible symptoms of low levels of B12:
      diarrhea, low levels of energy, no energy, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, fatigue, tingling of the hands and feet, numbness, depression, confusion, soreness of the moth and tongue and, of course, anemia

      I truly hope I have been helpful.
      Sharon :)

    How can a vegan naturally get vitamin B12?
    I’m trying to understand why the people in my town that claim to be 100% natural organic vegans can possibly be alive. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that can only be made by animals, so there is NO vegetable source for this vitamin. So how do these people get it without resorting to synthetic vitamins?

    • ANSWER:
      B12 is not made by animals, it is made by algae and bacteria. It is abundant in sea vegetables like nori and cholorella (Watanabe F. (2007). Vitamin B12 sources and bioavailability. Exp Biol Med 232(10):1266-74 http://tier-im-fokus.ch/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/watanabe02.pdf ).

      It is also fortified in many products like cereals, nutritional yeast, some soy products etc. This “synthetic” form of the vitamin as you called it is exactly the same as what is found in meats, dairy etc; the only difference being the bacteria produced the vitamin in a lab rather than in an animal’s gut. I understand this may be an issue for individuals suffering from technofear, but they won’t know about it since they are probably unable to use the internet for the same reasons.

      So it is entirely possible to be vegan or strict vegetarian and take no B12 supplements without any negative health consequences.

      EDIT: ignore daisy’s lies! Read the scientific information for yourself. It is there in the link I provided, a more recent reference than any used by bloggers referenced in lazy daisy’s posts

    What are the benefits of a vitamin b12 shot?
    I went to the doctors today and got a vitamin b12 shot cause I had surgery on my arm like 4 months ago it was pretty bad I had three surgeries in two weeks but I do physical therapy for it it is just a bad scar and it still hurts it’s from my wrist to my elbow but it’s gotten better I was just wondering how the vitamin b12 shot will benefit me thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      It will def make you feel better and give you some energy. But it probably won’t do much for scarring. Vitamin A and vitamin E are good for wounds and scars. Here’s a good site that might help.

    Do vitamin b12 supplements work?
    Does your body absorb vitamin b12 as well from supplements or fortified foods as well as it does from meat?
    Jonah – Thank you that is very helpful – but what about fortified foods, since they are broken down in the intestine, would they provide as good a source of vitamin b12 as meat do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      As per a study by the USDA, supplements are the most effective way (for Everyone) to get b12. Second to that, fortification and dairy.

      “The good news,” said ARS* administrator Floyd Horn, “is that most people can improve their B12 status by eating more fortified cereals and dairy products. Dr. Tucker’s findings show that these foods were nearly as effective as supplements containing B12 for getting people’s blood levels above the danger zone.”

      “Oddly, the researchers found no association between plasma B12 levels and meat, poultry, and fish intake, even though these foods supply the bulk of B12 in the diet. “It’s not because people aren’t eating enough meat,” Tucker said. “The vitamin isn’t getting absorbed.” ”

      * Agricultural Research Service (ARS), USDA’s chief scientific agency.


      USDA aside, from my experiences, the fortification is plenty. My doctor had the typical ‘you need to eat animal products’ mindset and said I had to be taking a supplement. I said I thought I was fine, but figured they were a doctor, so I took one anyway…shortly after, I had my blood drawn and my levels were Very high…at which point, the doc said ..oh…well…don’t take the supplement..

      As for it making more sense to just eat animal products – we give cows cobalt (which they need to make b12), we give pigs & chickens b12…in other words, we either fortify their food and then eat them…or just eat the fortified food directly. Between the two, the latter makes far more sense to me.

    What is the percent composition of all the elements in vitamin B12?
    What is the percent composition of all the elements in vitamin B12 (C63H88CoN14O14P)?
    Report answer to the proper number of significant figures.

    Chemistry teacher didn’t explain this very well and I don’t really get it. Help would be appreciated thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Molar mass of cyanocobalamin B12 is 1355
      So % compositions
      C = 756/1355 x100 = 55.8%
      H = 88/1355 x100 = 6.5 %
      Co = 59/1355 x100 = 4.4 %
      N = 14.5 %
      O = 16.53 %
      P = 2.3 %

      The Molar mass is taken from wiki

    What is a safe amount of iron and vitamin b12 to take when pregnant?
    I’m 17 weeks pregnant and want to see if taking an iron and vitamin b12 supplement will make me feel a little better. I’ve tried taking things like pregnacare, but they make me sick so I figure I may be better off taking supplements.

    What is a safe amount of each of these for me to take?

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Your doctor is the best person to advise you, but I know that B6 is much more important than B12 during pregnancy. My doctor told me to take 100mg of B6 twice daily.

    How do people in India get their daily recommendation of Vitamin B12?
    There is a lot of discussion and research on the ‘net about vitamin B12 deficiency in Vegans. By far the majority of people in India are vegetarians. How are they able to get enough B12 in their diet?

    • ANSWER:
      B12 is found in all meat products including dairy & eggs. Indians eat a lot of dairy in the form of milk & yogurt & so will be able to get Vit. B12 from that. Also, the human body recycles it’s Vit. B12 & so if you got absolutely no Vit. B12 in your diet, it would take about 12 years to get a Vit. B12 deficiency.

    Do you need a license in order to give vitamin b12 shots?
    My sister-in-law goes across the border to purchass vitamin b12 and other medication not sold over the counter here in the United States. She then sells and gives these shots to people like her co-workers family and friends. Is this illegal or does she need a licence?

    • ANSWER:
      If she sells them, yes. She needs to have some sort of certification to administer a shot professionally (meaning being able to charge for giving the shot). If she isn’t certified or qualified, she could get in a lot of trouble including potential jail time and huge fees.
      Also, she should look into state laws about reselling products that were purchased outside of the country. If she is getting supplements from across the border and resells them, your state may require that she get a business license. Some states don’t require it if it’s under certain amounts, like in the example of garage sales… you don’t have to get a license to sell stuff there unless you make a business out of it and/or sell X amount per month. However, if she’s getting drugs and selling them here, that is totally illegal and she would serve jail time if she was caught for that. Definitely look into it.
      Good luck to both of you!

    Can bactrim affect vitamin B12 or intrinsic factor in a baby’s body?
    I need to find reliable sources that state that bactrim (or septra) can affect the level of vitamin B12 in a baby’s body 4-8 weeks old.

    Or maybe if Bactrim can affect the intrinsic factor in a baby’s body.

    • ANSWER:
      Vit B12 is a key factor to prvent pernicious anemia.

      Vit B12 is absorbed from specific receptors from the intestine with the help of the interensic factor.
      Also, Bactrim is absorbed from the same receptors.
      Hence, a competetion is created. Thus the level of Vit B12 enetering the blood stream is decreased.

      The effects of lack of Vit B12 is more observed in babies since they do need a lot of vitamins and nutrition for their growth.

    Is a 1000mcg’s of vitamin B12 a better alternative for energy instead of those drinking energy drinks?
    Im looking for a more natural energy boost instead of drinking an energy drink from the store. I saw this product by Puritans Pride that is all natural vitamin B12. Would that be a better alternative?

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely! Most energy drinks are artificially sweetened.

    Vegans, Where do you get your Vitamin B12 from?
    I don’t want to eat meat but I have read that Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products. They say that the Vitamin B12 found in Fermented soya products, seaweeds, and algae are unavailable to humans.

    Is it better to be a vegetarian than a vegan and include eggs, cheese and milk since these do include Vitamin B12?

    • ANSWER:
      I really like nutritional yeast. It tastes a bit cheese. I sprinkle it on my spaghetti like Parmesan.

      There are also many recipes using nutritional yeast. I like the tofu scramble, meant to taste like scrambled eggs. Or you can use it for macaroni and cheese. :)
      But yeah, most soy milk and things have B12 now, so it isn’t much of an issue these days.



    What low level of Vitamin B12 would be considered deficiency anemia?
    Yesterday I was told by my doctor my Vitamin B12 level is 97, and that I should take supplements. She didn’t say I was anemic, but everyone I’ve told has been shocked and asked if I was anemic. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Normal range of vitamin B12 for an average adult is between 160-900 pg/mL or 118-690pmol/L. I do not know which unit you are referring to.

      Having vitamin B12 deficiency means that your body does not have enough of this vitamin. You need B12 to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen through your body. Not having enough B12 can lead to anemia, which means your body does not have enough red blood cells to do the job. This can make you feel weak and tired.

    What low level of Vitamin B12 would be considered deficiency anemia?
    Yesterday I was told by my doctor my Vitamin B12 level is 97, and that I should take supplements. She didn’t say I was anemic, but everyone I’ve told has been shocked and asked if I was anemic. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      you can probably find your answer on this site somewhere! http://www.dsib.org/vitamin_B12?utm_source=sm&utm_medium=blog_posts&utm_term=vitamin_B12&utm_content=vitamin_B12&utm_campaign=sm
      it’s a website called the dietary supplement information bureau and it has a lot of information on pretty much every vitamin and mineral, as well as what disabilities and diseases it can treat. hope this helps :)

    Why is Vitamin B12 pills has much high mcg than Vitamin B12 daily intake?
    I am trying to get Vitamin B12. The recommended daily intake amount should be 2.5mcg. But all the Vitamin B12 pills you get from the store have much higher value. I found 100mcg per pill or 250mcg per pill. That’s like way more, more than 1000%. Why is that? Is it even safe to take such high value?

    • ANSWER:
      For a short time you can take those very strong pills. Our bodies can store up to a two years supply of vitamin B12 in our liver. All the other unused or excess B vitamins are eliminated every day.

    How can i get more protein, and vitamin B12 in my diet, without meat?
    I’ve been a vegetarian for a year, and I don’t think that i’m getiing enough protein or vitamin B12, how much protien should i have each day? And what are good foods to help me get all the protien and b12 i need? i drink i glass of soy milk each day with vitamin B12 in it.

    • ANSWER:
      I take a b-complex vitamin, b-complex liquid, and every 2 weeks, I give myself a b-12 shot. It is a really important vitamin and you need it. Get your blood levels checked for all vitamins and minerals and find out what you need to take.
      Good luck

    Can you take vitamin b12 shots solely for fatigue?
    Does anyone here take vitamin b12 shots only for fatigue and nothing else? I am always tired but I went to do blood tests and found nothing. Would it be safe to give myself a shot once a week?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are having a fatigue problem B-12 is a really good thing to try. I have had this all my life, and was 50 before I found B-12.

      I take a daily B-12/B-6/Folic acid tablet that disolves under the tongue. Humans do not absorb B-12 very well from the stomach. I get my pills from a mail-order company called TriVita —you might also get them from a health-food store.

      You might cut down to 1/2 tab after a week or so –I have.

      The stuff is MAGIC if that is your problem. I read that 10% of people have a severe B-12 shortage that doesn’t show up on blood tests.The effect is instant. Fatigue was my only problem! Good luck!!

      (TriVita is in Arizona, USA,1-800-991-7116)

    what is vitamin b12 is good for?
    i need to know what vitamin b12 is good for? and whats the difference between folic acid and b12?

    • ANSWER:
      Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal foods including fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products. Fortified breakfast cereals are a particularly valuable source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians .

      Vitamin B12 works in close partnership with folate in the synthesis of the building blocks for DNA and RNA synthesis as well as the synthesis of molecules important for the maintenance of the integrity of the genome. It is also essential for the maintenance of the integrity of the nervous system and for the synthesis of molecules which are involved in fatty acid biosynthesis and the production of energy. The human body does all of this with just two to three milligrams of the vitamin, which is much less than the weight of a tenth of a drop of water. It is even speculated that B12 was mainly responsible for the origin of the DNA world from the RNA world.

      Our bodies absorb folic acid and vitamin B12 differently, so different amounts of each are needed.

    Can I get my vitamin b12 requirements solely from yoghurt and eggs?
    I don’t eat meat but I regularly eat yoghurt that contains live cultures and most days I will have an egg in one form or another. Can I rest assured that I am getting the vitamin b12 I need via these sources alone?

    • ANSWER:
      If your eating one egg a day and a cup of yogurt, your getting all the Vitamin B12 you need and more.

      Vegetarian diet: How to get the best nutrition


    Do breast milk from a vegan mother contains Vitamin B12 if the mother only depends to its small intestine?
    Do breast milk from a vegan mother contains Vitamin B12 if the mother only depends to vitamin b12 produced and absorbed by the its small intestine? Is this enough?

    • ANSWER:
      A nursing mother who is on a vegan diet is taking big risks with the health of her baby. Maybe the baby will have sufficient nourishment, maybe not. The best thing to do is to drop the vegan diet until the baby is weaned.

    Can anyone give some inforormation about vitamin b12?
    My grandmother wanted to know. Also: Can a lack of vitamin b12 cause you to fall a lot?

    • ANSWER:

    How much Vitamin B12 should I take if I take daily colchicine for FMF.?
    How much Vitamin B12 should I take if I take daily colchicine for FMF. I take colchicine twice a day, 0.5 mg at a time and it may destroy the B 12 Vitamin.

    • ANSWER:
      Colchicine interferes with vitamin B12 metabolism by reducing intrinsic factor vitamin B12 receptors. Instrinic factor binds to vitamin B12 in the stomach first before going down the digestive tract to be absorbed in the gut. So vitamin B12 rich food or normal B12 supplements are not the answer in this instance.

      However, there are vitamin B12 sublingual (under the tongue) supplements in either tablet, spray or liquid drops that enter the blood stream and bypass the digestive system very effectively in about 20 – 60 seconds. Supplements look to start at 500mcg and go up to 5000mcg.

      I have autoimmune pernicious anaemia – the body attacks the instrinsic factor so i can never absorb vitamin B12 in the digestive system. I’ve been taking 1000mcg a day for quite a while and my B12 serum levels were better than optimal but lately i’ve been having a few symptoms and eventually realised i needed to increase my daily dosage to 1500mcg. Crazy when you see the RDA for vitamin B12 daily is 2.4mcg!

      Vitamin B12 sublingual supplements>>>http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dhpc&field-keywords=vitamin+B12+sublingual&x=0&y=0

      Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms>>>http://b12d.net/book/export/html/29

    How can vegans avoid vitamin b12 deficiency?
    Plant sources of vitamin b12 contain analouges which can counter its effects, supplements and fortified foods haven’t been proven to be effective.

    Also plants do not contain complete protiens replete with all the essential amino acids…even flax seeds do not provide a complete source. These are basically the only reasons preventing me from going veg, I am willing to sacrifice my tastebuds but not my health.

    • ANSWER:
      Your body stores B12 for a long time and it is rare to have a deficiency if you eat foods fortified with B12 like soymilk and some cereals. I take a vegan vitamin with B12 just to be on the safe side.

    What part of a blood test report shows levels of vitamin B12?
    All of these words are so big and scientific and I can’t figure out which one indicates vitamin b12 in the blood. What word should I looks for in the blood test report that indicated how much vitamin b12 is in the blood?

    • ANSWER:
      Vitamin B12, or cyanocobalamin, levels are not part of the usual testing. It’s common not to test specifically for that unless other things suggest pernicious anemia. That would be the case with such surrogate markers as an elevated mean corpuscular volume (MCV), which is going to be found in the vicinity of the RBC count, Hgb and Hct on the CBC.

    Is it okay to take B12 from pills,each pill contain 15 mcg of vitamin b12 and other b vitamins?
    and also vitamin c and zinc.

    I am a vegetarian and I don’t drink milk or have dairy products,is it ok to take vitamin b12 in from of pills ,since my diet is devoid of any meat or dairy products.

    How much Vitamin B12 should one take daily?

    • ANSWER:
      B12 and zinc are often inadequate with vegetarian diets, so your thinking is on point. B12 is considered safe (no toxicity) even with very high doses, so 15 mcg plus whatever dose might be in a B-vitamin supplement is fine.

      Best wishes and good luck.

    Is it safe to take a Prenatal vitamin along with a B12 vitamin and Cranberry supplement everyday?
    The Prenatal vitamin brand is Spring Valley. It has:
    Vitamin A – 4000 I.U
    Vit. C – 120 mg
    Vit. D – 400 I.U
    Vit. E – 30 I.U
    Thiamin (Vit. B1) – 1.8 mg
    Riboflavin (Vit. B12) – 1.7 mg
    Niacin – 20 mg
    Vit. B6 – 2.6 mg
    Folic Acid – 800 mcg
    Vit. B12 – 8 mcg
    Calcium – 200 mg
    Iron – 28 mg
    Zinc – 25 mg

    The Vitamin B12 I’m taking in a different pill is the same brand with:
    B-12 – 1 mg (1000 mcg)
    Calcium – 30 mg

    The Cranberry I take (for kidneys) is AZO brand and it has 900 mg of Natural Cranberry Powder.

    I am not pregnant, I am taking these for health and energy (B12). What’s the difference in the two B12′s in the prenatal and the seperate B12 pill? Is that too much? Does B12 really give you more energy? I am also taking Phenteremine 37.5 mg. I have been taking it for two weeks, with great results. Since it kills my appetite, I am going to start taking these pills. Let me know if it’s okay, or if I should quit.

    • ANSWER:
      There are no problems with the supplements you are taking in combination.
      But it is highly unlikely that you have a B-12 deficiency – it’s sort of an ‘urban myth’ that B-12 will give people more energy. When you have anemia from a B-12 deficiency you can feel tired, and correcting that will make you feel you have more energy, but the same isn’t true when you take extra B-12 when you’re normal. (B-12 is found in meat, eggs, and milk products – unless you are a pure vegan, you’ve probably got normal levels, and B-12 is the only B vitamin stored by the body.)
      Keep taking the multiple vitamin and the cranberry, but save your money on the B-12 supplement.

    What is the best source of vitamin b12?
    I wanted to know the natural source of vitamin b12. I do not want any sort of medicine or pills in the answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Praveen,

      You didn’t say whether ot not you are a vegetarian

      B12 is pretty much available in animal protein – if you’re a strict vegetarian, it’s not so widely available.

      The two best plant sources are cited as being mushrooms and spirulina – but, as far as I know, the ‘jury’s still out’ on this.

    what is the difference between vitamin b12 and the b12 injection?
    If i take the vitamin b12 will it do the same thing? Im trying to loose a couple pounds and get more energy. I exercise 5 days a week

    • ANSWER:
      The only difference is the time of absorption. Injections are introduced and absorbed into the blood stream immediately. while a vitamin b12 pill will take a while.

    Can a vitamin b12 deficiency cause high blood pressure?
    I have recently been diagnosed with a vitamin b12 deficiency and have to take injections. Can this deficiency cause me to have high blood pressure? I checked it today and it was 155/89

    • ANSWER:
      No, it is highly unlikely that a deficiency of vitamin B12 is causing your high blood pressure problems. High blood pressure is more likely to be due to a high salt diet, high alcohol consumption, stress, or a lifestyle low in exercise.

      As for your vitamin deficiency you can find a list of foods high in vitamin B12 here:


    What is the test for Vitamin B12 Deficiancy?
    My son is 4.7 yrs and he is hving white hair, anemic , he must be hving Vitamin B12 deficiency. what will be the test for it and how could be is sure for that.and what is cure for it.

    Kindly tell me the detail.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi bobby,
      B12 and folate are B complex vitamins that are necessary for normal red blood cell formation, tissue and cellular repair, and DNA synthesis. A B12 and/or folate deficiency reflects a chronic shortage of one or both of these vitamins. Since the body stores 3 to 5 years worth of B12 and several months’ supply of folate in the liver, deficiencies and their associated symptoms can take months to years to manifest in adults. Infants and children will show signs of deficiency more rapidly, however, as they have not yet established extensive reserves.

      Over time, a deficiency in either B12 or folate can lead to macrocytic anemia, a condition characterized by the production of fewer, but larger red blood cells and a decreased ability to carry oxygen. Due to the anemia, patients may be weak, light-headed, and short of breath. A deficiency in B12 can also result in varying degrees of neuropathy, nerve damage that can cause tingling and numbness in the patient’s hands and feet and mental changes that range from confusion and irritability to severe dementia.

      Pregnant women need increased amounts of folate for proper fetal development. If a woman has a folate deficiency prior to pregnancy, it will be intensified during gestation and may lead to premature birth and neural tube birth defects, such as spina bifida, in the child.

      The symptoms associated with B12 and folate deficiency are frequently subtle and nonspecific. They are related to the resulting macrocytic anemia, nerve involvement, and gastrointestinal changes. Patients with an early deficiency may be diagnosed before they experience any overt symptoms. Other affected patients may experience a variety of mild to severe symptoms that can include:

      * Confusion
      * Paranoia
      * Diarrhea
      * Dizziness
      * Fatigue, weakness
      * Loss of appetite
      * Malabsorption
      * Paleness
      * Rapid heart rate
      * Shortness of breath
      * Sore tongue and mouth
      * Tingling, numbness, and/or burning in the feet, hands, arms, and legs (with B12)

      The anemia and large red blood cells of a vitamin B12 or folate deficiency are frequently detected during a routine CBC (Complete Blood Count) test. Laboratory testing is used to detect a deficiency, determine its severity, establish the underlying cause of the deficiency, and to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

      Laboratory Tests
      Frequently ordered to diagnose and monitor B12 and folate deficiency:

      * B12. If low, a deficiency is indicated, but it does not identify the cause. If normal, a folate deficiency may still be present. May be ordered to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.
      * CBC (Complete Blood Count). A group of tests ordered routinely to screen for blood cell abnormalities. It measures cell types, quantities, and characteristics. With both B12 and folate deficiency anemia, the amount of hemoglobin may be low and the red blood cells (RBCs) are abnormally large (macrocytic or megaloblastic). White blood cells and platelets also may be decreased.
      * Folate. Either serum or RBC folate may be tested. Some believe that the RBC folate is more clinically relevant. If either is low, it indicates a deficiency. If normal, a B12 deficiency may still be present. May be ordered to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

      Seldom but sometimes used to diagnose B12 and folate deficiency:

      * Methylmalonic Acid (MMA). Sometimes ordered to help detect mild or early B12 deficiency.
      * Homocysteine. Occasionally ordered. May be elevated in both B12 and folate deficiency.

      Ordered to help determine the cause of a B12 deficiency:

      * Schilling Test. Once frequently ordered to confirm a diagnosis of pernicious anemia. This test is no longer generally available.
      * Intrinsic Factor Binding Antibody. Interferes with B12 binding. It may be present in those with pernicious anemia. This is a specialized test that is not commonly available.
      * Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibody. A protein that prevents B12 from binding to intrinsic factor. It is present in more than 50 percent of all patients with pernicious anemia.
      * Parietal Cell Antibody. An antibody against the parietal cells that produce intrinsic factor. Present in a large percentage of pernicious anemia patients but may also be seen in other disorders.

      - Mohit

    How many cobalt atoms are in a 12 oz red bull can by vitamin b12 molecules alone?
    From a 12oz can of original Redbull how many cobalt atoms are present from the amount of vitamin b12 molecules alone?

    • ANSWER:
      Red Bull is the brand name of an energy drink sold by Red Bull GmbH. It contains, per 250 mL (8.3 U.S. fl. oz.) serving, about 5 μg of vitamin B12, with one Cobalt atom contained in each B12 molecule.
      In a 12 oz red bull can, it contains:
      (12/8.3)*5 μg = 7.23 μg
      of B12.
      Since the molar mass of B12 is 1355.37 g/mol, the total number of cobalt atoms must be about:
      (7.23*10^-6/1355.37)*6.022*10^23 = 3.2*10^15

    I have taken 20 vitamin B12 tablets, 3 multivitamin tablets, and 7 multi vitamin tablets what will happen?
    I have taken 20 vitamin B12 tablets, 3 multivitamin tablets, and 7 multi vitamin tablets what will happen, will i over dose ?

    • ANSWER:
      Probably nothing, assuming this is a one-time thing. If you’re concerned, call Poison Control and ask (1-800-222-1222 in the U.S.). If the multivitamins contain iron, that could be harmful, especially for a child.

      If you took that much every day, you would develop health problems due to overdose of certain nutrients. B12 is one that the body is able to get rid of excess amounts, but others, like B6, can build up & become harmful.

    Drinking or eating vitamin b12 affects my heart?
    I’ve noticed that when I consume foods or drinks that contain vitamin b12 my heart rate starts acting funny. It will beat really fast and it’s sort of painful and uncomfortable. Is this normal? Since I’ve realized the problem I have stopped consuming it, but I was wondering if anyone could help me out on this?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s quite a common side effect of taking too much B12, and things like heart palpitations and panic attacks can often occur in these circumstances. The best thing is to try and cut down your intake of it, so you have done the right thing to stop consuming it. You can take a look at this article for the side effects… http://www.ehow.com/facts_5147896_much-vitamin-side-effects.html

    is vitamin b12 good for the no white food diet?
    im starting the no white food diet,and i wonder if i can still take my vitamin b12 pills with the diet?

    • ANSWER:

    Will Vitamin B12 help you sleep if taken at night?
    I take Mirapex which is supposed to make you drowsy. I was told if I take a Vitamin B12 with it, it will help me sleep. Is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      B vitamins give you energy, therefore you should take them in the morning.

    What are some good Vegan sources of Vitamin B12?
    And what does lack of Vitamin B12 cause?

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Lots of foods are fortified with B12, particularly breakfast cereals. In the UK at least, non-dairy milks and margerines by law have to be fortified with B12. Yeast spreads, like Marmite, are also sources of B12.

      B12 deficiency can, at extremes, cause damage to the brain and nervous system.

    what kind of food do I need to eat to gain vitamin B12? I am having vitamin B12 deficiency.?
    what kind of vegitables, fruits or energy drinks does have vitamin B12?
    Appreciate your ideas and help on this. and want to know if this is real big problem or any one faced this kind of health issues?

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn’t bother eating extra stuff every day just for the B12. They sell B12 supplements at Walmart and stuff, and they’re super cheap. like a bottle.

      Or just take a multi-vitamin every day. they usually come with 100% of your daily value of every vitamin you need to maintain good health. :)

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